March 13 & 14, 2020 
Salt Lake City, Utah 
Imagine knowing you can create new clients on demand while sharing your soul’s message and doing what you love! 

Imagine getting on stages, inspiring audiences with your talk, and being seen as the go-to leader your perfect tribe has been waiting for! 

Imagine breaking free, reaching more people, making a bigger SPLASH and flying past 6 figures faster than you ever thought you could 

Imagine a life and business that YOU design to fit your schedule, personality and personal style (while you profit more than you ever did working your #$@ off!)

Imagine three glorious days against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains of Utah full of peak experiences ….and my proven strategies to massively scale your business through the power of speaking!
Well, you don’t have to imagine it... 
Because that’s exactly what we’ll be creating together at this not-to-be-missed live event just for brilliant women & cool men business owners and coaches ready to JFDI*, skip the line and become the speaker and coach everyone wants! 
And if you’re reading this, you’re one of the smart women and men who’s gotten the memo that speaking on stages is the #1 way to cut to the chase, and enroll the best clients because:
  • ​You’ve positoned yourself as the expert 
  • ​You’ve inspired them and moved them
  • ​You’ve demonstrated already that you have the solution to their problems they naturally sign up for your program because they want MORE. 

In fact, my clients and students typically sign up 3-5 new, high-paying soulmate clients every time they speak! 
In just three days, you’re going to learn exactly how to do the same, simply and authentically…
  • ​Without complicated sales funnels that take forever to get results (if they ever do!)
  • ​Without all the unnecessary, confusing and hideously expensive technology
  • ​Without the cookie-cutter routines everyone else is doing (and says you have to too -- well, you DON’T)
  • ​ Without feeling or acting desperate, pushy, needy or ever having to chase clients again! 
Look, I tried all of those and then some over the years. My clients and I are living proof: nothing but nothing is as effective, transformational and just plain FUN to build your coaching or service business as speaking! Nothing gets better clients faster. So why not just cut to the chase? 
"Before coaching with Amanda, my business felt all over the place. During my first call with Amanda, we nailed down my niche within 20 minutes and from there I was able to confidently create a program that felt super aligned and exciting! Together we outlined a plan to start telling my seminar story and things took off SO quickly!
I had a goal of signing up 10 women and ended up exceeding it by signing up 15 new clients. That's $27,000 in the first month of coaching with Amanda! The energy shifts I experienced after my first call with Amanda were so powerful. Using her sales method, I stepped into each client call with confidence and flow. Sales actually started to feel EASY!
It's proof that with a clear message, a program that excites you and a story that is authentic you - your business is unstoppable. Amanda is your biggest cheerleader through this process -- she generates so much energy and vibrancy that it's contagious. I am truly grateful that our paths have crossed."  
Tori Washington
Here’s where it’s all going down --
Salt Lake City Marriott University Park

Our host hotel is nestled in my hometown of SLC, surrounded by magnificent mountains, in the vibrant heart of the University of Utah walking distance to everything. It’s the perfect venue for our work and play together! 

Limited to 100 amazing women & men biz owners! 

This is not one of those huge cattle-call events where it’s all about filling seats and you get lost in the crowd. In our more intimate setting you’ll get to make real connections, ask questions, and be truly seen and heard by me and your colleagues! 
Friday & Saturday :  March 13th and 14th, 2020
Part One: Building The Bulletproof Mindset That Fuels Your Success
It’s no secret, the most powerful tool for your success in this business is between your ears. Unfortunately, it can also be the biggest obstacle. That’s why the theme of our first day is getting your mental game on so it can support you as you grow your business instead of holding you back. It’s something I specialize in and we are going to give you exactly the practices and hacks you need get your head and heart in gear and on fire -- even when you’re not “feeling it”. 

On this day you’ll:
  • Discover how to tap into your own deep well of self-confidence as a Speaker whenever you need it
  •  Identify how you may be self-sabotaging and how to stop that shiz for good
  •  Learn how to have incredible stage presence that rivets your audience, even if you’re an introvert, or new to speaking 
  •  Blast limiting beliefs and create your most inspiring vision for the impact you’ll make as a speaker and coach

Part Two- Speak Your Way to Success With the Moxley Method™ -- LIVE 
Today I’ll walk you through the system I’ve developed and perfected over the past 15 years as the simplest, fastest and most fun and exciting way to fast-forward to becoming the speaker and coach everyone wants. 

The Moxley Method™ is unique and works so well for my clients (and me!) because it’s only five steps, doesn’t require any complicated technology or systems, and lets YOU do YOU and make your mark in the world while bringing you a steady stream of ideal clients. 

On this day you’ll: 
  • Discover what I call the “plane is crashing ” solution and Seminar Story
  •  Learn the structure and must-haves of a perfect Signature Talk
  •  See how your Signature Talk leads organically into selling your Signature System so that you can count on signing up 3-5 new clients whenever you get on stage! 
  •  Understand how making just 5 simple shifts can be the difference between ho-hum and HOT in your speaking and coaching 90 days or less! 
  •  Get smart, simple strategies for booking more stages, even if you’re not famous (yet!) 
  •  Hear real-life success stories that show the system in action, so you can get inspiration and a new awareness of what’s possible for YOU
"By the time I worked with Amanda Moxley in Speak Your Way to Success I had been getting visions of speaking on stage for months but wasn't clear on where or how. Choosing to show up and shine at her event was such the right decision. I felt so clearly supported both before, during and after the event. I felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be and as a result of feeling safe and prepared I increased my subscribers and had two successful launches thereafter. Having to choose a theme and a title for my talk challenged me to really focus on who I wanted to serve and what I could help them with. This proved to really be invaluable. It helped me feel I could speak on stage and gave me a sense of self confidence nothing else had before. I went on to successful sell two materminds and I'm feeling ready to do more talks with Amanda's encouragment and magical shining energy still with me."   
Alixe Tracey
"I am so grateful for my time coaching with Amanda Moxley. Under her tutelage I learned to deeply own my worth and confidently increase my rates. I distilled my coaching message and became crystal, laser lucid clear on who I am and how I serve.     
I felt deeply held, seen, heard and supported and Amanda was there with me step by step as I visioned, crafted and created a sustainable and successful coaching practice.     
She helped me gain consistency with my visual branding and being visible with speaking on livestreams as well!     
I now have offers that span every aspect of the client journey; from free livestream trainings, opt-in gifts and courses, to an affordable membership program all the way through to my luxury, high level Mastermind. Conscious Business Alchemy Mastermind filled with 11 clients at $8800 the last week of my coaching course with Amanda!    
I had an 11th hour success and prosperity demonstration! Amanda is a caring, insightful, and visionary coach and I would highly recommend working with her, she has helped me work miracles in my life."
Alison E
"I had a great time working with Amanda. Speaking at her Get Visible and Make Bank program helped me get over my fear of speaking in public which plagued me most of my life. She guided me through how to structure my talk in a way that was easy to follow, very professional and very organized. This confidence has allowed my to more than double my health coaching practice. I use what I learned every day to continue to build my business. There is nothing better than being able to speak with confidence!!" 
Cathi Ketterling
Saturday March 14th, 2020
Part Three- Becoming a Sales Angel Who Profits as She Serves
Today we do a deep dive into sales, but not the way you’ve ever done it before. Forget all the pushy, manipulative tactics you’ve ever heard -- the ones you’ve never felt right about using to get clients. I’ll show you how to be a blessing to your clients even before they become your clients -- during a rewarding sales conversation you can both feel great about.

I’ll take you through my own Sales Angel script and process, and you’ll learn:
  • How to serve in a way that makes enrolling clients the natural next step
  •  Exactly what to say, and when, to make them feel supported and seen
  •  How to stop dreading the money conversation and actually be excited for your discovery calls, so you book more and close more
  •  How to weave your sales conversation into your Signature Talk so it’s seamless (and totally irresistible to the right people) when you sell from the stage 
  •  How to accurately value your clients’ transformations, so you can confidently give yourself a raise and 2x or 3x your prices (feeling extra brave? Do it right at our event!!) 
If all this event did for you was:

...teach you my five step Moxley Method™ system for enrolling clients through speaking
..train you to sell in an authentic way that feels GOOD to both you and your prospect so you’ll book -- and close -- more conversations
... show you a clear picture and roadmap of what’s possible for you
...give you tools for hacking your mindset to bring your most powerful and positive self to your business
...treat you to two days of high energy and FUN with me and some amazing women who will be your new business BFFs 

...would it be worth 2 days and a small investment? (Uh, YEAH!) 

Last Call for RISE UP TICKETS - $197
(Only if supplies last)  

NOTE: Register NOW to secure your seat for this not-to-be-missed event!  
Once we’ve gotten to 100 participants, doors will be closed -- no exceptions!
And don’t worry, tickets ARE transferable if your plans change.
Want to speak on MY stage? 


Get 20 minutes on stage at the event to deliver your talk, personal pre-event preparation with me, my professional videographer and photographer to capture it all, and 10 VIP tickets to RISE UP for you to invite people to see YOU speak!

This opportunity is not for everyone, but it’s a super-smart investment if: 
  • You want to get private coaching and feedback from me on your talk pre-event 
  •  You’d love the whole VIP speaker experience, including hair and makeup!
  •  You’re ready to rock MY stage and have something valuable to share
  •  You want the feedback of a LIVE and enthusiastic audience that has your back
  •  You want professional photos and video of you on stage for your media kit, YouTube channel, website, speaker sheet and social media (this alone is more than worth the investment) 
"Amanda’s program taught me how to connect the growing pieces of my business in an organized way. My company was evolving, and I wasn’t sure how to evolve with it. The overall operation of my business started to feel choppy and scattered. Through the coaching program, I ended up with an organized Signature Program that encompassed everything I offer + a Signature Talk and the ability to increase my income. I also wanted to create a webinar and automate pieces of my business. I was able to do all the things I was looking for and more! Her program pushed me to step my game up and create something beautiful and unique to share with the world.

Aleesha Jordon
"Before working with Amanda Moxley, I was stuck launching something in my business several times a year. My business was thriving but I had little time and freedom. I felt stuck in a business model that wasn’t sustainable. I couldn’t keep working like that. 
Amanda provided the strategy and structures of how to run a large scale event as well as the critical mindset pieces and the belief that I could bring together my tribe for a successful event. Amanda’s support and guidance was priceless and helped me host my first event with over 140 women from all over the world including 10 countries in gorgeous Miami, Florida where we sold out my 12 month Mentorship Program and provided well over a 6 figure pay day for me AND now I have more freedom and less stress in my business. 
Amanda cares more for her clients than any coach I know. She’s real, powerful, and exactly what you need to create a free and abundant life."

Carolin Soldo
“I made in one month what I used to make in a two years. It took action on my part to align with what I was being coached on. Thank you Amanda, I love you and it's an honor to know such a committed, fun, light spirit who has such a business mindset.”  

Jamie Brandenburg
"I am so glad I did Show Up and Shine. It really pushed and inspired me to elevate my visibility to the next level. With Get Visible and Make Bank Amanda provided us with a detailed step by step guide on how to create an amazing talk using vulnerability, authentic sharing, and adding massive value. I realized with that experience that I had more talent than I was giving myself credit for."  

Nancy Da Costa
Your Ticket to RISE UP & SPEAK YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS LIVE 2019 Includes all this: 
  • Full Access to RISE UP LIVE with Amanda Moxley for two days in gorgeous Salt Lake City ($5,000 Value)
  •  Pre-Event Group Intention-Setting Call with Amanda Moxley to help you make the most of your time ($500 Value)
  •  Private Facebook Group for Community, Connection & Networking before and after the event ($500 Value)
Just the FAQs
• Why a live event? Can’t I just learn this at home? 
If you’ve been following me at all, you know I do a lot of online content, Facebook lives, etc. I’ve sold self-study courses. I know my content is the best anywhere. And yet...there really is no substitute for real-time, face-to-face experiences like this where you are seen and heard, are active not passive, and are fully present both mentally and physically. And even science suggests that a full sensory experience like the one I’m planning also helps you retain the information you will be learning. (’s FUN and I want that for both of us! )

• What if I can’t get away?
I hear this a lot. Many of my clients are busy moms. Some still have J-O-Bs. But this is why God created the babysitter and paid vacation days. Women who are serious about investing in themselves and creating this life and business find a way. I trust you will too, if it’s important to you. And remember having this experience will be something you carry back into your daily life as a physical reminder of what’s possible, to keep you inspired long into the future. Plus,some people bring their families. There’s plenty to do and see in SLC! 

• “I have small children and I can’t leave them…”
Don’t play the “KID” card my friends! HA! I used to do that, too and it always kept me stuck at home. You just can’t think this way if you want to live the freedomista biz lifestyle of the adventurous entrepreneur! For example, when my kids were little I took my kids with me to all of the events I attended, I even flew from Hawaii to California on a red-eye with my 6-week old baby, for a speaking gig and networking at a live event. If you want to have what I have, you have to be willing to do what I do. So, no excuses please!

Instead, get creative. You can still bring your kids…just bring someone to watch them and make it a family trip. Or, why not gift yourself some YOU time for a change and come immerse yourself in this vortex of radiant and abundant entrepreneurs ready for adventure? (Your kids will thank you later when you are ROCKING your biz as as a speaker and living the lifestyle that lets you spend lots more time with them!)

• “But I live in Europe or Australia!”
HELLO? Are you really trying to use this as an excuse not to come? I have clients from all over the world-- Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, France, the UK, Brazil, Canada, Hawaii and all over the US -- and many of them have already come to RISE UP and more are coming in 2020! Make the decision to come and watch your life and biz transform before your very eyes. I can promise you, it’ll be well worth the trip. 
Plus Salt Lake CIty, International Airport services all major airlines and even has non stop flights from Europe to Japan! And to make it even easier for you, the hotel is less than 15 minutes from the airport. So just get here, already!

Amanda Moxley is an International Business Coach. With over 15 years of experience speaking, coaching, mentoring and building businesses online and offline. Her genius is tuning into you and your unique “seminar” story to find the GOLD, package it up, deliver it from a place of deep connection and joy though speaking. Amanda has hosted over 10 6 figure+ events and has been featured on TV, print media and online media. When she's not speaking or serving her clients you'll find her and her family skiing in the mountains of Utah or swimming at the beach in Kauai, Hawaii! 

I welcome you to my beloved home in the mountains of Utah and I can’t wait to see you live and give you a big hug in October!

  • A step-by-step plan of how to scale your coaching business through speaking in the next 90 days or less, to joyfully fill your 1:1 programs, high level masterminds, events, retreats and workshops
  •  A bulletproof actionable plan to enroll your next 12+ dream clients within the next 90 days through speaking – while being 100% YOU and sharing your story, your heart and the transformation you provide 
  •  An unwavering unshakable trust in your personal story and your “plane is crashing solution” and how to leverage it to reach millions and make millions 
  •  Strategies for growing your tribe of raving fan ideal clients who love you for YOU, hang on your every word and who can’t wait to whip out their Visa or MasterCard to hire you! 
  •  Tools to move out of sales and into service, and close clients through authentic speaking and 1:1 strategy sessions that deliver massive transformations -- even before clients say YES
  •  A new vision of your profitable, sustainable six or seven figure business and ideal lifestyle -- all well within your reach when you learn to use the unique power of speaking and my simple 5-step Moxley Method ! 
  •  New friendships and mastermind partners who “get” you and are on the path with you!  

Last Call for RISE UP TICKETS - $197
(Only if supplies last)  

NOTE: Register NOW to secure your seat for this not-to-be-missed event!  
Once we’ve gotten to 100 participants, doors will be closed -- no exceptions!
And don’t worry, tickets ARE transferable if your plans change.
Purchase with complete confidence: your order will be processed on secure servers andyou’ll receive an electronic receipt in your email inbox within a few minutes.
We want you to absolutely LOVE your experience at RISE UP and Speak Your Way to Success LIVE! That means being fully committed to being present with me and like-minded entrepreneurs who want to transform their lives and businesses through speaking. Come, learn, enjoy and play full out! After the first day you are not completely thrilled or don’t feel our event is for you,, your ticket will be refunded, no questions asked. However, to benefit everyone, any refunds must be requested by 8 AM on the second day of the event, October 25th, 2019.
Look, I know you work hard. I know you’ve been soaking up information like a sponge. And I know you have an amazing message to share and you have what it takes inside to rock your speaking and coaching business….

BUT! Sitting behind your desk staring at your laptop till your eyes cross, just won’t give you the kind of immersive experience, “aha’s” and JFDI ENERGY that can only come from being up close, personal and present in the room with me!  

You owe it to yourself -- and to the clients who are waiting for you to show up -- to be there!! 

Let’s do this! See you in Salt Lake City! 
 Remember, we only have 100 seats for Rise UP, and only two places for the “Show Up and Shine” package that puts you on my stage. If you know this is meant for you, you need to act now so you don’t miss out. 

Questions: email and we’d be happy to assist you!

Salt Lake City Marriott University Park HOTEL SALT LAKE CITY 
March 13 & 14, 2020
Stay in the heart of Salt Lake City located 8 minutes from Salt Lake CIty, International Airport 

480 Wakara Way, 
Salt Lake City, 
UT 84108