Here’s How to Skip to the Head of the Line, Become a Sought-After Speaker, 
and Sign Up 3-5 Clients 
with Every Talk You Deliver
...In 90 Days or Less! 

Have you been noticing the coaches, consultants, authors and trainers who seem to have this magnetic appeal?   
People seem to naturally flock to them. Somehow they’ve managed to become the go-to person in their space. 
To the people they want to work with, they’re practically celebrities.   

That means they never have to go begging for clients. They never have to discount their prices. They make an offer, and people show up, credit cards and cash in hand. 
And I’m not talking measly little $97 or even $997 offers...but multi-thousand-dollar programs and even five and six-figure coaching packages and retainers.   

These women routinely open their email to find inquiries “out of the blue” asking if they could possibly find time in their schedule to do a high-paying keynote or workshop. (Yes, please!)  
They blew past having 10k months, and now pull in multiple five figures a month. And they have a waiting list of clients begging for a spot in their programs.   

YOU are a TOTAL A player. Born for the stage. 
Totally in-it-to-win-it….
… there you are stuck at home, in your Lululemon’s, sitting on the sidelines, knowing full well that should be you up there, commanding the room with your heart, wisdom, expertise and soul AND the big bucks, from your basement office!
You feel all this tension and anxious energy in your bones and belly. You know you were born for something more. And it plain sucks sitting on the bench.  
You want IN THE GAME because you were born for a purpose and you’ve been through enough of life that you’ve got a burning message to shout from the rooftops...

You’re in constant “compare and despair” mode
You feel like you’re lost in a sea of coaches who seem to all be doing the same things.
Deep inside, you know you’re totally unique and not cookie cutter at ALL. 
Your message isn’t landing, and when you do share what you do, people stare at you with a blank face. Obviously, something’s missing. But what?? 
If only you could just figure out the how to’s and the strategy to become one of “those” coaches.. 
If only you finally could see what you can’t see around your niche, message, signature system & how to put it all together in a super #hot talk that’s simply irresistible to your ideal clients you’d be GOLDEN.
If you’re thinking that being well-known and enrolling great clients without struggle
is only for some way-above-you superstar …think again!   

This incredible business and life are totally possible for you, too, 
with just a few simple shifts. 
How do I know? 

Because I made it happen for myself, back when I transitioned from being a health coach to a business coach with a passionate following when almost nobody had heard of me. And I’ve helped my clients go quickly from average results to celeb status and six-figure businesses too. 
And the best part is, the path could not be simpler or more accessible to you. In fact, it’s so simple, it’s hiding in plain sight. (I say it’s as “close as your neck vein” but you can’t see it!)  

It doesn’t involve a complex “funnel” or very much (or any!) technology at all. Yet it lets you build a business you can run online from anywhere. In fact, the only “moving part” to this business is YOU.   

And you don't need anyone's permission to step up and claim it, baby! 
Why is a speaking-based business the most fun, simple and profitable business model for heart-centered A player women entrepreneurs?   

•It sets you up as the obvious expert in the eyes of your prospects.   

•It lets you make a bigger impact with your message, starting the moment you STEP UP. 

•It gives a way for the right prospects to experience you and come to you already pre-sold on you, your story, your message and how you can help them because you’ve been there and done that... and your unique method and system clearly shows them that they can get results and transformations that they are ready to have now! 
•It leads naturally to other speaking engagements, alliances and hot super star opportunities (think media, TV and more!)  

•It lets you instantly charge premium rates because -- duh -- you are the expert commanding the stage and showing up as the authentically awesome expert you are who solves a specific problem your clients have right now. 
•It lets you sell enough in just a day or a weekend to produce the same income or more as you may have done all of last year!! (The first time this happened for me, I was SOLD)   
But exactly how do you go from where you are now to: 

...having a unique signature system that takes your client from a to z and that you’re fired up to sell  

...rocking a signature talk that expresses all of who YOU are, inspires and impacts your ideal epic soul mate audience (and gets them running to you credit card and cash in hand!) because you have given real value and a plan to get them what they want NOW   

...enjoying a freedom-filled business that you can rinse and repeat, doing more of what you love (inspiring, helping, transforming, leading, being in the spotlight) and waaaay less of what you don’t (struggling with technology, running after the latest shiny object and tactic, churning out endless content, and shelling out thousands for masterminds where the “guru” can’t be bothered to help you let alone “get you!”)  

The good news is, I promise you that you already have all you need inside of you, even if right now, you’re not sure where to begin or how to pull it out of you.  
The better news: I’ve identified five simple steps that anyone can follow to successfully create the freedom of this business and lifestyle… and I’m going to personally help you complete them! 
Speak Your Way to Success in 90+ days is perfect for you if you see yourself on stages, speaking, sharing your story and your message and joyfully attracting the right epic ideal soul mate clients who want to work with you NOW.  
After analyzing what’s worked best for me and for so many of my clients and students over the last 13 years, I’ve developed this 5-Step “done-with-you” mentorship program designed to take you from confused and overwhelmed to being a thought leader rocking the stage and signing up high-paying clients consistently and with ease -- in 90 days or less !    
Here are just a few of the results you can expect from being a member of SYW2S: 
  • Discover your very own “plane is crashing” solution that will keep audiences riveted to your message and showcase you as the one they MUST want to learn and buy from
  • Dial in your unique “seminar story” that positions you as the go-to-expert and authority on your “plane is crashing” solution  
  • Finally pinpoint on the best niche client for you and the problem you uniquely solve-- the one who loves you and will gladly pay premium rates to work with you and only you 
  • Map out your signature program that you can deliver in any number of formats to fit your schedule and lifestyle, while still delivering awesome results for your clients
  • ​Know how to show up as your best, most confident self on stages and webinars without having to be “perfectly put together Patty”- unless of course that’s who you are! 
  • ​Develop your unique method or signature system that is mined from your own transformational journey (could this be any easier?) and that gets your clients awesome results 
  • ​Become a master at delivering your offer from the platform so that your ideal clients decide to work with you before you even step off stage or webinar 
  • ​Have a coherent brand message and look-and-feel that make you stand out from that sea of cookie-cutter-coaches out there (ie- be you and make bank) 
  • ​Have a repeatable system that has you signing up at least 3-5 new clients every time you speak (we’ll teach you how to not only speak but how to position your offer to sell like hot cakes!) 
While there is amazing content in this program, this is not a home-study do-it-yourself course that will become one more “shelf-help” item for you. (No one needs one more of those! )  

This is an implementation model, which means that we are going to take action each week and get you speaking ASAP to attract and enroll clients consistently!
This is a live and interactive Mentorship including 1:1 Coaching, Group Training, and individual material reviews and weekly laser coaching.  

I’ve discovered that people like us need ongoing interaction. We need a safe space to learn, create and ask questions. We need the accountability of a great and well seasoned coach who really sees us and has our back, and peers on a similar journey.  
I have designed this program so that the only way to fail is not to try.  
So what’s inside Speak Your Way to Success? 
You’ll experience the 5 “shifts” of my Moxley Method™ that will take you from zero to a business you’ll love and be proud of, fueled by your unique experience, presence and message! 
  • Shift # 1 Nail Your “Plane is Crashing” Solution & Seminar Story 

    This is where we take you from vague generalist to sought-after specialist, as we identify the solution you uniquely provide to the exact people who need and want it most. It comes right out of your own story -- warts and all -- so that it forms the basis of the next step: 

  • Shift # 2 Create Your Signature Talk from A to Z, Get Booked to Speak & Make an Irresistible Offer 

    Here’s where we’ll map out your story into a talk that inspires and enrolls your ideal clients, so that you sign up 3-5 every time you speak. But what do you sell them? That’s where the next step comes in:   

  • Shift # 3 Create Your Signature Premium Program & System. Price it on the Value of the Transformation You Provide 

    Your story and transformation are also the foundation of a signature premium program that could only come from you. We’ll work through what’s included in yours, and how it’s delivered, based on how you like to work. And we’ll get real and grounded in the true value your clients receive, so that you and they will know in your heart that it’s worth the premium price point we’ll set. Your new prices reflect your new awareness of your value, and allow you to work a lot less while earning a lot more!

  • Shift # 4 Become a Sales Angel and enroll ideal epic soul mate clients using my “sales cheat sheet” 

    No more “icky salesperson” feeling or fear around sales conversations. You’ll have total confidence making your offer whether it’s from the stage, one-on-one in person or on the phone, because you’ll be coming from a place of deeply serving your clients, not selling them. It’s a beautiful thing! I give you my very own personal roadmap for these transformational conversations, that will have you looking forward to making offers instead of dreading it.  

  • Shift # 5 Cultivate a Fierce Bulletproof Mindset to Succeed

    Nothing else matters if your subconscious mind is not on board and you are constantly working against your own success. That is why I am FIERCE in holding my clients accountable to a consistent mindset practice. I’ve honed my own practices over years and my clients swear by the new thought habits I’ve helped them instil. They are JFDI warrior goddesses! There’s no end to what you can accomplish when you finally get yourself on your own side -- and let the universe support you! 

"I am so grateful for my time coaching with Amanda Moxley. Under her tutelage I learned to deeply own my worth and confidently increase my rates. I distilled my coaching message and became crystal, laser lucid clear on who I am and how I serve.     
I felt deeply held, seen, heard and supported and Amanda was there with me step by step as I visioned, crafted and created a sustainable and successful coaching practice.     
She helped me gain consistency with my visual branding and being visible with speaking on livestreams as well!     
I now have offers that span every aspect of the client journey; from free livestream trainings, opt-in gifts and courses, to an affordable membership program all the way through to my luxury, high level Mastermind. Conscious Business Alchemy Mastermind filled with 11 clients at $8800 the last week of my coaching course with Amanda!    
I had an 11th hour success and prosperity demonstration! Amanda is a caring, insightful, and visionary coach and I would highly recommend working with her, she has helped me work miracles in my life."
Alison E
"Working with Amanda Moxley pulled me way beyond my comfort zone, but with her laser coaching and enthusiastic support, I was able to clarify my message and my signature talk quickly.   
I held a very successful pre-view call and signed up over half to my new program instantly!     
I have many speaking opportunities, have raised my rates over $100 per hour, and led my most successful retreat ever!     
Before I felt lost in the swamps of business, unseen, and trying to make ends meet, but now I now have a clear and fun marketing plan that is in alignment with my uniqueness, style &joy ~    
Thank you Amanda!"  
Jaclyn O
"Before working with Amanda Moxley, I was stuck launching something in my business several times a year. My business was thriving but I had little time and freedom. I felt stuck in a business model that wasn’t sustainable. I couldn’t keep working like that. 
Amanda provided the strategy and structures of how to run a large scale event as well as the critical mindset pieces and the belief that I could bring together my tribe for a successful event. Amanda’s support and guidance was priceless and helped me host my first event with over 140 women from all over the world including 10 countries in gorgeous Miami, Florida where we sold out my 12 month Mentorship Program and provided well over a 6 figure pay day for me AND now I have more freedom and less stress in my business. 
Amanda cares more for her clients than any coach I know. She’s real, powerful, and exactly what you need to create a free and abundant life."
Carolin S
"I am so glad I did Show Up and Shine. It really pushed and inspired me to elevate my visibility to the next level. With Get Visible and Make Bank Amanda provided us with a detailed step by step guide on how to create an amazing talk using vulnerability, authentic sharing, and adding massive value. I realized with that experience that I had more talent than I was giving myself credit for."  
Nancy D
"By the time I worked with Amanda Moxley in Show up and Shine, I had been getting visions of speaking on stage for months but wasn't clear on where or how. Choosing to show up and shine at her event was such the right decision. I felt so clearly supported both before, during and after the event. I felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be and as a result of feeling safe and prepared I increased my subscribers and had two successful launches thereafter. Having to choose a theme and a title for my talk challenged me to really focus on who I wanted to serve and what I could help them with. This proved to really be invaluable. It helped me feel I could speak on stage and gave me a sense of self confidence nothing else had before. I went on to successful sell two materminds and I'm feeling ready to do more talks with Amanda's encouragment and magical shining energy still with me."   
Alixe T  
"I had a great time working with Amanda. Speaking at her Get Visible and Make Bank program helped me get over my fear of speaking in public which plagued me most of my life. She guided me through how to structure my talk in a way that was easy to follow, very professional and very organized. This confidence has allowed my to more than double my health coaching practice. I use what I learned every day to continue to build my business. There is nothing better than being able to speak with confidence!!" 
Cathi K
“I made in one month what I used to make in a two years. It took action on my part to align with what I was being coached on. Thank you Amanda, I love you and it's an honor to know such a committed, fun, light spirit who has such a business mindset.”  
Jamie B
"Before coaching with Amanda, my business felt all over the place. During my first call with Amanda, we nailed down my niche within 20 minutes and from there I was able to confidently create a program that felt super aligned and exciting! Together we outlined a plan to start telling my seminar story and things took off SO quickly! I had a goal of signing up 10 women and ended up exceeding it by signing up 15 new clients. The energy shifts I experienced after my first call with Amanda were so powerful. Using her sales method, I stepped into each client call with confidence and flow. Sales actually started to feel EASY! It's proof that with a clear message, a program that excites you and a story that is authentic you - your business is unstoppable. Amanda is your biggest cheerleader through this process -- she generates so much energy and vibrancy that it's contagious. I am truly grateful that our paths have crossed."  
Tori W 

"Amanda’s program taught me how to connect the growing pieces of my business in an organized way. My company was evolving, and I wasn’t sure how to evolve with it. The overall operation of my business started to feel choppy and scattered. Through the coaching program, I ended up with an organized Signature Program that encompassed everything I offer + a Signature Talk and the ability to increase my income. I also wanted to create a webinar and automate pieces of my business. I was able to do all the things I was looking for and more! Her program pushed me to step my game up and create something beautiful and unique to share with the world.
Here’s how the program works and what you get: 
You also get these incredible BONUSES 
*Epic Speaker / Premium/ High End positioning Website template bonus! 

Your old excuse “But I don’t have a professional-looking speaker’s website” -- GONE! I’m gifting you my custom Wordpress template that lets anyone set up an amazing high-authority speaker’s site fast and simply. The fact is, you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on your website until you’ve got your story, message, and branding down cold. This will give you a great web presence so you can start showing up as a pro and booking stages while we’re still working on your brand and your business. 

*Amanda Moxley’s “Little Black Book” of Resources for Success Building!

I’ve saved you days and days of head-scratching and Googling -- and tons of money investing in the “wrong” people or tools -- by sharing my private list of preferred and Amanda-approved vendors, suppliers, software and tools. Never wonder again “which is the best (fill in the blank) for me?” I’ve got you covered! 

*Two tickets to Amanda Moxley’s RISE UP LIVE 3- day event! 
This incredibly fun and inspiring event is where we’ll work together live in the room to bring your speaking-based business to even more glorious LIFE! Part bootcamp, part workshop, part dance party, part supercharged networking with your fellow heat-centered sister speakers -- and 100% energizing! 

You also get access to my rolodex of professional and affordable web designers personally vetted and approved by me, in case you want some extra help.   

(Some people spend $5000 and up for a website that looks this great, only to change it all a year later. But you won’t have to!)  
I’ve already got training on speaking for my business. Why do I need this? 
Listen, I know I didn’t invent teaching speaking to grow your business. But the fact is (and you’ve probably discovered already) information does NOT equal transformation. I’ve designed this program to give you great content AND the hands-on done-with-you support, individual feedback and loving butt-kicking you need to actually take action and get on stages. The only training that works is the one you actually implement. That’s what we’ll do. On the other hand, if all you want is to consume more content and not take much action, then this is NOT the program for you.   

What if I don’t know what to speak about?   

Don’t worry! You will definitely have a talk topic that you love and that resonates as a result of this program. I don’t care if you’ve never spoken before and have zero ideas right now. This is the magic of the Moxley Method™! We will find the story only you can tell -- and that sells.   

I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle the technology.   

That’s one of the best things about this approach. It’s high-touch, and low-tech. Sure, you’ll want to have certain digital bit in place, like an opt-in to grow your list, but those details are easily handled by a virtual assistant if you don’t want to learn it. (We can even hook you up with someone if you need it.) The thing that drives this kind of business is you and your unique life experience and story. For most of your work, there’s not a computer in sight! (Of course -- you do need to work the Moxley Method™ and show up and do the online trainings and guidebooks so you can get the results you say you want! But if you can open a word document, and either print and hand write it out or type it out, you’ll be solid.)  

Shouldn’t I have a website and an idea of what my brand is first? I need to save my money for that.   

No! It kills me to see coaches waste so much money on branding and websites before they have their niche and message dialed in. That’s what we do first in this program. And the things that actually make you money-- namely getting on stages speaking and making offers -- don’t even require a website at all. I believe a lot of coaches use agonizing over their website and brand as an excuse not to get out there. Not on my watch! Anyway, you’re getting a bonus template inside the program that will let you set up a great site right now without spending a ton of time or money and delaying your success. You can always change it later once you’ve got more clarity.   

I’ve spent five figures on coaches already. What’s different here?  
This one has two answers. #1 is YOU. You’re different. You are ready to take action with no excuses. This program will not allow you to sit back and be passive. It’s designed to give you action steps every week and make sure you implement. In my experience, coaching is like diets. There are bad diets and bad coaches but most of them will still work if YOU do the work! And not even the best can work if YOU don’t.   

Which brings me to Answer #2, which is ME. I’m different. I’ve walked the walk not just talked the talk like a lot of self-proclaimed “gurus” you’ll see online. I’ve been at this for 13 years and have a long track record of success in my growing my own multiple 6-figure business (and selling over 1 million dollars of my coaching over the years) and with my clients. And they’ll tell you, no one does it quite like me. I can promise you have never experienced the combo of total commitment, fun, strategic smarts and tough love that I bring to my work. If that sounds too intense for you, then maybe we’re not right for each other. But if you love it, then let’s play!  
Still reading? Then this message is especially for you: 
I don’t know why you showed up here today.  
Maybe it’s because you have a burning desire to serve people with your message and rock it out in the spotlight.  

Maybe it’s because you crave the freedom and fun that a speaking-based business can give you.  

Maybe it’s because you want to be sought after, instead of the constant grind, anxiety and frankly humiliation of your message NOT landing and having to chase after clients who don’t even pay what you’re worth.   

Maybe it’s because, secretly, you absolutely love standing ovations and crowd of adoring fans!   

The good news is, no matter why you’re here, this business will give you all of those things, and so much more.   

And I want you to know, you really DO have it in you. Will you give yourself permission to receive this amazing business and life?